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We Give Businesses the Financial Clarity to Scale and Grow

Top Talent in the Accounting and Bookkeeping Industry


ClearCount began and is headquartered in Boise, Idaho. We now have removed those boundaries to allow our employees to work from anywhere. This has allowed us to recruit and hire top talent and specialists from all over the country to better serve our clients.


We are an Employee-First company. We believe that happy employees make happy clients, which makes a successful company – one with both purpose and opportunity.

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Leadership Team

ClearCount’s leadership team has experience successfully accounting for, planning for, and managing $4B in transactions per year and saving clients millions of dollars annually in taxes.

We work with clients of any size, from people managing thousands to a few million, to those managing tens and hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Why ClearCount?

Technology has allowed accounting and bookkeeping services to easily be done remotely. As a result, business owners began to realize that top-tier accounting expertise and guidance is not only available, but affordable. Engaging an experienced firm like ClearCount helps business owners better navigate market fluctuations and capitalize on the complex accounting and tax structures that keep businesses growing, even in a downturn.

Switching to ClearCount’s on-demand expertise often costs less money and drives better results over local, high-priced firms who lack in-depth experience.


We want business owners to have the financial tools, understanding, and clarity to grow revenue, optimize operations, and keep their doors open far into the future.


Better numbers for growing businesses

Our Values

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At ClearCount, we’re in the business of doing good – it’s our principled passion. Our daily lives are guided by our sense of what’s right, always striving to be conscientious of those around us – our teammates, our bosses, our clients, and our suppliers.

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As a work-anywhere company, we believe that enabling others to do good means being smart and realistic about what you can do today, tomorrow, and the future. This helps us deliver both exceptional service to our clients and empowers us to be honest about our deliverables and timelines. This means planning. This means knowing exactly where you stand, and what lies ahead.

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We believe that doing good starts with accepting people as they are. We maintain grace with ourselves, our clients, and those around us. We recognize the good in everyone, we support our community, and pay attention to each other.

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Serve All

We believe in the spirit of serving others. This applies to all growing businesses, regardless of mission, to the best of our ability.

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We strive for all stakeholders to have integrity. Leadership, staff, clients, and board members have a quality of honesty and strong moral principles. We believe integrity is a critical piece to our success.